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Bored with his father's meditation, a young Indian boy daydreams of Hindu gods as superheroes.
Sanjay, a young boy, is watching his favourite cartoon show, the Super Team, while his father is preparing for the daily meditation. Undoubtedly, this is the day's most important activity, nevertheless, the boy has no interest in joining his father. But does Sanjay know that, sometimes, cunning and skilled adversaries can be hiding in the most unusual of places?
"Sanjay's Super Team" (United States, 7 min.) – Probably the most widely seen of these five Oscar nominees, this animated short played in American theaters as a featurette before showings of "The Good Dinosaur". It's about a young Indian boy who's watching his favorite superhero cartoon when his father turns off the TV and brings the boy over to join him in prayer to the Hindu gods. As his dad prays, Sanjay daydreams a story in which the Hindu gods are superheroes. The story is based on the childhood of the film's director, Pixar animator Sanjay Patel. The film is a creative, colorful and entertaining meditation on the generation gap between fathers and sons and how that gap might be bridged. "A-"
Sanjay&#39;s Super Team is a decent short film with a reasonably well developed storyline and stunning animation. It certainly has traits that I enjoyed, mainly the relationship between the young boy and his father, I think we can all relate to it in a way, we all had our parents trying to get us involved in certain things when we were younger that we simply had no interest in, and this is the part of the short I liked the most. The main reason I&#39;m giving this short a rating of six is because it goes off on a tangent when the young boy starts daydreaming and the message of the film is completely lost, it gets boring and a little frustrating as he starts to imagine the gods he is supposed to be worshiping as if they were superheroes. I think they should have given the characters voices, I know silent characters normally work for Pixar in short films, but this time around I feel the message, the story and the overall relationship between these two characters would have been much more clear had they been interacting with each other, not necessarily big lines, just a word here and there to convey the message more. The animation is stunning and it&#39;s definitely not a waste of seven minutes if you&#39;re a fan, but as regards to compelling and captivating short films, I have come to expect much more from Pixar. <br/><br/>A young boy starts to daydream about the gods his father expects him to worship as if they were superheroes.

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